Learn Tantric Sex

Teach Yourself Tantric Sex!

Discover the secrets to increasing your sexual pleasure to heights you have never felt before.

This book will teach you everything you want to know about tantric sex.

You will learn what it is and how you can use it to increase sexual pleasure, have sexual awakenings, and connect on a deeper level with yourself and your lover.

You'll love learning tantric sex, because it will raise you to a plane of pleasure which you could not experience otherwise!

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Over 50 Tantric Exercises

  • Cultivate the mindset of the tantric lover to get the most out of your tantric romance
  • How to create a personal space most conducive to tantric sexual practice
  • Learn about chakras and how they play an important part in tantric sex
  • Ancient tantric and yogi rituals to open yourself to a higher sexual awakening
  • Understand exactly how orgasms work, and how to use the knowledge for maximum sexual pleasure

Bring out Your Inner Tantric Sex God

  • Give your lover(s) the most pleasurable orgasms he/she/they will ever have, and give them again, and again, and again!
  • Use tantric dance and tantric massage to feel energy between you and your partner like you never have before
  • How to have oral sex the tantric way
  • Special tantric sex positions for heightened sexual awareness
  • Use tantric sex exercises to redirect your sexual energy so you can last longer and/or help your lover feel intense pleasure
  • How tantric sex does not just finish after orgasm, and how the pleasure and harmony can carry throughout all aspects of life.

... and much more!

Start feeling pleasure like you never have before, because this is the biggest sexual awakening you'll ever have!

Get it now.

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