Become Traditionally Published

Get Traditionally Published!

This is an instructional manual for writers seeking traditional publication in today's rough and tumble world.

It details a proven system developed by the author and guaranteed to improve your traditional publishing success.

Live your dream of being a published writer, because this book will show you how.

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L. Horne, published in more than one hundred literary journals and by publishing companies under various pen names, will show you how he built a fan base of 100,000+ readers inside a six-month period - and how you can do the same!

Inside you will learn:

  • How to create a plan of action to achieve your publishing goals.
  • A systematic approach to submitting your work - leaving no stones unturned.
  • How to handle inevitable rejection, and then overcome it for success.
  • The secrets to acquiring an agent to boost you into the eyes of mainstream publishers.
  • The art of self-promotion specifically for Author’s.

… and more.

Get your hands on the secrets in this book, because it is your blueprint for traditional publishing success.

Get it now.

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