Survival Swimming: Swimming Training for Escape and Survival

These Swimming Skills Will Save Your Life!

Discover everything you need to escape your enemies and survive in the water.

Inside this 2-part training manual you will learn:

  • Efficient Swimming. Swimming lessons to swim faster and longer, including while swimming underwater.
  • Water Safety, Self-Rescue, and Survival. Learn the dangers of open water and how to survive in it.

You'll love this training manual, because it will improve your swimming skills and you will learn to survive!

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Includes 6 Free Bonuses!

Get your copy of Survival Swimming today and you will also receive:

  • A 10-week swim training schedule. Flexible to use as daily swim workouts or however you want.
  • How to protect yourself from environmental dangers. Don't perish from cold and heat illnesses!
  • Recognizing dangerous marine life and what to do if attacked.
  • Making improvised rope out of plants and animals.
  • How to tie all the knots mentioned in this manual. Also very useful in everyday life.
  • A basic first aid guide so you can save lives in critical situations.

Part 1: Efficient Swimming

Swimming lessons to swim faster and longer, including while swimming underwater.

  • The most efficient way to tread water. A MUST LEARN water survival skill!
  • Swim faster using the same training drills that professional swimmers use.
  • A step-by-step guide for learning the Combat Survival Stroke, as used by the US Navy Seals.
  • The proper way to do the Survival Backstroke so you conserve energy and keep as much heat as possible.
  • How to safely train yourself to swim long distance underwater up to 50 meters or more!
  • Fun swim workouts for beginners and advanced swimmers alike.
  • Freestyle swimming drills to perfect your speed swimming technique.

Part 2: Water Safety, Self-Rescue and Survival

Learn the different dangers of open water and the best way to swim in them for survival.

  • The safest ways to enter the water.
  • The 2 swimming styles to use to get out of dangerous waters, and when to use them.
  • The different types of waves, tides, and currents, and how to negotiate them.
  • Learn the dangers of swift water, how to avoid them, and how to use them to your advantage!
  • The different ways to cross water. Includes wading, rope crossings, improvised raft building, and more.
  • How to survive in cold water, and how to escape ice water.
  • The best actions to take during a flood so you don't end up in the water to begin with.
  • Sea survival skills so you can keep yourself alive until help arrives.

All this and more with clear instructions and pictures.

Teach yourself all the swimming skills you need to survive in the water, because this is swim training for escape and survival!

Get it now.

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