Survival Fitness: The Ultimate Fitness Plan for Escape, Evasion, and Survival

Your Ultimate Functional Fitness Program!

Survival Fitness is self-training in the 5 most useful activities for escaping danger.

Teach yourself parkour, climbing, swimming, riding, and hiking. It also has a simple daily routine to keep your mind and body in optimal health with minimal effort.

Start training in Survival Fitness today, because you'll get fit while learning life-saving skills!

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Everyone Knows You Need to Exercise to Stay Healthy

Keep fit and get life-saving skills at the same time.

  • 100% bodyweight exercises
  • Give yourself the best chance for escaping dangerous situations
  • Reap all the general benefits of good health
  • Never get bored of "the same old routine"
  • Save money on gym fees, personal trainers, and expensive equipment

Join the Survival Fitness Revolution

Here is a taste of what's included in Survival Fitness:


  • Safety training
  • Conditioning
  • Balance training
  • Running and jumping skills
  • Vaulting over objects
  • Climbing over walls
  • Negotiating bar obstacles
  • Parkour games


  • Fundamental climbing principles
  • Holds and grips
  • Foot techniques
  • Crack climbing


  • Techniques and drills to improve your swimming speed
  • Swimming ultra-long distance a survival situation
  • How to do a very efficient stroke developed by the US Navy Seals
  • A full training guide for how to do a 50-meter underwater swim
  • Essential water rescue skills


  • Fundamental riding skills
  • Basic and advanced riding drills
  • Techniques for uphill and downhill riding
  • Negotiating obstacles safely


  • General hiking tips
  • Hiking with a pack
  • Specific hiking techniques for different terrains and weather

Daily Health and Fitness

  • Simple breathing exercises to increase your vitality
  • The only 2 conditioning exercises you need to keep your body limber and strong
  • A 15-minute full body yoga routine for flexibility and strength
  • The easiest meditation method for a clear and calm mind

Includes 7 Free Bonuses!

Get your copy of Survival Fitness today and you will also receive:

  • A daily health and fitness cheat sheet.
  • The Survival Fitness Plan yoga quick list. Stick it to your wall for easy reference.
  • A swim workouts training schedule.
  • A parkour training schedule.
  • The 16 principles of self-defense. Fundamental lessons to protect yourself from violent attacks.

This is the last fitness manual you'll ever need, because it is functional training at its best!

Get it now.

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